"Svichado" is a charity fund of logistical assistance to Neonatology Center, department of purulent surgery and other departments of NDKB "OHMATDET", other children's hospitals and neonatal centers in Ukraine, as well as targeted assistance to children in need of emergency surgery and post-operative rehabilitation, including targeted assistance for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

Our strategic goal is to complete logistics neonatology needs of hospitals in Ukraine. Our mission is to help professionals save new lives, to treat children and raise a healthy nation!

Active programs of the fund:
- promote and assist in the purchase of material and technical base needs neonatal center, department of purulent surgery and other offices NDKB "OKHMATDET" and Rivne Region Children's Hospital
- aid in the passage of rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy in the International Clinic of Rehabilitation of Kozijavkin in Truskavets.
- examination of the data in terms of premature birth rate in Ukraine, study and schematic representation of the needs for logistics neonatology wards in children's hospitals and neonatal centers of Ukraine, as well as the development of a strategy to address the problem of saving lives of premature babies at the national level, including the development of legislative initiatives.