Rules of donations collection

1. Undirected donations and charity. Undirected donation - these are the donations and charitable assistance that come with the inscription on notice "charity or a charitable donation." The charity organization has the right to spend such donations in different ways, as long as it has been associated with charity help. Funds received for charity allow the fund to quickly solve the most acute problems.

2. Addressed or targeted donations. When donating, you can specify what exactly the funds should be spent for. This donation is called “targeted”. Target donation can be addressed, that is stating the name of the beneficiary of help, and unaddressed.

3. Targeted donation. When a company or an individual enters into a contract with a charity organization, the donor sometimes asks to specify the purpose of the donation. If the purpose of the donation is stipulated in the contract, the charitable organization is obliged to follow it. Change of destination of donations can also be specified in the annex to the agreement.


If you decide to make a donation through our charity fund, you will need to indicate your name, first name, middle name, as well as the necessary data for your feedback. To enroll donations in foreign currency to the bank account, we, under current legislation, need a letter or fax from you containing the following information: Your name (company name), address, phone (fax), the purpose of the donation, date, signature (seal ). Otherwise, your donation will not be credited to the current account of the Fund.

Requisites of the Fund

Donate via Privat24 service or payment terminals of PrivatBank (Hryvnia)
Beneficiary: Charity Organization
Charity Fund Svichado
Account number: 260 080 608 157 28
In Public JSC CB «PrivatBank» in Kharkiv
MFO: 351533
Indetification code EDRPOU: 37657273

Donate via bank payment to account (Hryvnia):
Beneficiary: Charity Organization
Charity Fund Svichado
Account number: 260 080 101 345 38
In PJSC «VTB Bank» in Kiev
MFO 321767
Indetification code EDRPOU: 37657273

Donate via service Yandex.Money
Number: 410011353599685


How to apply
We shall consider an application for charitable aid, if it is applied as follows:

All following documents should be attached to an e-mail sent to our fund:
1. Brief description of your problem, what has been done to solve it, what results there are.
2. Add to the letter:
- Scanned copies of:
* Application (download sample), passport and tax (one of the parents), child's birth certificate, the conclusion of physicians (case history), medical history, medications, or an account of the expenses for treatment in the hospital/rehabilitation center etc. - If assistance is needed for a child.
* Application (download sample), passport, VAT, physicians' judgments (case history), medical history, medications, or an account of the expenses for treatment in the hospital / rehabilitation center and .t.d. - If assistance is needed for an adult.
- 2-3 photos of good quality.
If the charity is required for treatment abroad, you should contact the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and apply for funds for treatment abroad (if your documents are in order, this procedure takes about a week). Then a copy of the application on which the incoming number of registration request to the Ministry of Health is stated is also attached to the package of documents sent to our fund.

All scanned documents are accepted in “jpg” format. We ask you to name the documents with the name of the person for whom the funds will be collected as follows: "Photo 1_ surname", “birth certificate_surname", "passport_last name", “medical history_name", “doctor’s conclusion_ surname", “invoice_surname" etc.
The letter should be sent to e_mail: - Director Yaroslav V. Yaroslavskiy.
After receiving the documents they are checked by the group of experts of the fund, and the decision on the possibility of assistance is made.

Terms of assistance
Terms of charity aid provision by Svichado fund:

The decision to provide charity aid is taken by the Administration of the fund. It cannot be discussed or commented. The fund has the right to refuse the petitioner without explanation. The aid is provided after the submission of all required documents and their verification by the fund. Fundraising can take some time.